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Lifestyle NICU Experience

For years, my husband and I struggled to have children.  We miscarried our first just before Mother's Day in 2011.  We were blessed to find an amazing doctor who worked with me to discover my infertility issue.  After years of trying, we were finally able to have our son at the end of 2013.  He was born 5.5 weeks early, and was in the NICU for 12 days.  Although our stay was relatively short, it made a major impact on us.  Stories of babies in the NICU resonate with me.  I understand what these families are going through.  These memories will continue to shape your families life.  I feel that I work well with these situations due to my own personal experience.

What To Expect

I want to capture your experience in the NICU, and feel the best way to do so is to capture the "lifestyle" experience.  The wires, the feeding tubes, the bells and whistles.  My time with you in the NICU will be short, as I don't want to over-stimulate your or your baby.  You may want your baby to wear a few outfits.  I strongly encourage this.  "Rainbow" babies also resonate with me, and there are cute outfits just for these amazing babies.

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