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Providing you with information regarding your portrait session.  Answering frequently asked questions, tips and tricks to prepare for your session, photography secrets, goals, give aways, challenges.  Don't know what to wear for your portraits?  

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  • Family | Top 10 FAQs
    FAMILY PORTRAITS | The Kunz's © Jenny Hansen Photography, 2020.

    You Scheduled Your Family Session, And Now You're Freaking Out!

    You just completed the hardest step of scheduling your session. And, now you are experiencing the chaos of emotions of figuring out how to get everyone together with no bickering, And all dressed to impress. What colors to wear, where are we going to take these, how long are these session? I know, I have been there with my own family.So, I rounded up a few frequently asked questions I have previously received to help you with this upcoming session.
  • Senior | The Shoot: How I Work
    SENIOR PORTRAITS | MaKenna © Jenny Hansen Photography, 2020.


    My job is to enhance your philosophy of style. I’ll use a variety of lenses to get full length, mid-length and close-ups. I welcome your ideas for location and I have a few favorites I can recommend. If this is your first solo shoot, it might feel a little awkward. So, I’ll take a few “icebreakers” just to get you warmed up. I want you to be relaxed in your photos, so we like to joke around with you and make it fun.
  • Senior | Before the Shoot
    SENIOR PORTRAITS | Lindsey © Jenny Hansen Photography, 2020.

    Getting Ready For Your Senior Portrait Session is Half The Fun!

    First, I will work with you to choose a style that suits your personality, whether you prefer serious, glamorous, starlet, trendy, fashion diva or casual. With so many looks to choose from, I find that building an exclusive Pinterest board is a helpful way to discover your favorite styles. To help me understand you better, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about yourself. This helps me get to know you and craft a session that is unique to you. Are you simple and sophisticated or do you love bold looks? Let me know, and I will help you to create a fashion ensemble that best reflects your true self.
  • Family | Photo Altering: JHP Policy
    CHILD PORTRAITS | JJ © Jenny Hansen Photography, 2020.


    While I appreciate your business, and welcome your praises by sharing the photos I have taken on social media, I would like to ask you not to alter the images. Altering of images is against my copyright policies.
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